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"When you are working with data and information there are as many different kinds of expertise as there are people. The Community gives every voice an opportunity to be heard, whether by asking a question, offering advice, or sharing candid feedback. It is a foundation on which we can build the knowledge and partnerships that make us all successful."
Data Intelligence Program Lead at Alation

"It can feel a bit lonely leading data efforts; that is why it’s so great to meet other data people in the same boat driving implementations of Alation across industries. There’s no judgment as we all learn together, ask questions, and contribute back to the community in a safe space."
Data Governance and Democratization Product Owner at Cisco Systems

"Having direct contact with customers in the Community is what makes my job so much more enjoyable. By hearing about how customers are using the platform, the frustrations they are having, but importantly the problems they are trying to solve in their day to day work gives so much insight, and is what gives us the confidence on what we should be building next. What is great to see is when a customer poses a question to the Community, and 5 other customers jump in to answer that question and offer advice. That shows what a great Community we have and how much we can all learn from each other."
Senior Product Manager at Alation

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Share Knowledge

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Join to participate in early releases and beta testing, provide product feedback, and collaborate with Alation Experts.

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